The Technology Investigation Service (TIS) provides a capability to identify, track, and evaluate hardware and software technologies that could be used in the XSEDE or any other cyberinfrastructure.  The results of TIS will be used to inform both the XSEDE community and the wider computational science community of technologies that can improve the capabilities, usability, and reliability of the user environment.

The TIS Team has evaluated the following technologies:

(2011/09/20) File transfer capabilities of UNICORE 6.4.0 server, rich (GUI) client and command line client were evaluated. Issues encountered were reported to the developers. It is recommended that users deploy a newer release for improvements.
Version: 6.4.0
Pegasus WMS
(2012/11/02) Pegasus Workload Management System's DAX-based job submission facilities with Globus GRAM and HTCondor pools were evaluated. Pegasus WMS is recommended for experienced users familiar with HTCondor and Globus GRAM job submission.
Version: 4.0
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Globus Online
(2012/01/05) The Globus Online file transfer service was evaluated for reliable file transfer capabilities and authentication using XSEDE-accepted credentials. Globus Online is recommended for bulk transfers between local and remote GridFTP servers.
Version: WebSite
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BitTorrent Sync
(2014/04/01) Bittorrent Sync (BTsync) peer-to-peer file synchronization was evaluated for reliable file transfer on desktop and mobile platforms. BTSync is recommended for multicast distribution of data to multiple targets.
Version: 1.2.82
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(2013/05/18) UNICORE's workflow management system was evaluated for submission job workflows to XSEDE resources using the UNICORE Rich (GUI) and command line clients. UNICORE WMS is recommended for well formed workflow descriptions.
Version: 6.4.0
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(2014/01/17) DUO Security web-based service was evaluated for use as a one-time password facility to replace reusable password authentication to web sites and SSH login. DUO is recommended for use in distributed computing environments such as XSEDE.
Version: N/A
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(2013/07/13) SafeNet's cloud-based authentication service was evaluated for use as a one-time password facility to replace reusable password authentication. Current limitations of the SafeNet authentication service preclude use in XSEDE at this time.
Version: N/A
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Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP)
(2013/09/03) Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) service was evaluated for use as an OTP facility to replace reusable password authentication with RADIUS and PAM on Linux systems. VIP is recommended for use in XSEDE/distributed environments.
Version: 9.2
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(2013/10/22) OpenSSH installation with PSC's High Performance Networking (HPN-SSH) patch was evaluated for compatibility and data transfer throughput when using OpenSSH (scp, sftp). HPN-SSH is recommended for improved WAN data transfer performance.
Version: hpn14v1
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(2014/04/28) AMGA was evaluated as a metadata cataloguing application on Scientific Linux and CentOS Linux systems. AMGA is recommended for metadata cataloguing and is best used with a file cataloguing service such as LFC.
Version: 2.4.0
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(2014/01/10) TACC's LMOD was evaluated as a tool for command shell environment management on Linux systems. LMOD is recommended as an alternative to other common environment management solutions such as Modules (
Version: 5.1.5
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(2014/04/25) SEC was evaluated as a tool to recognize patterns in common system and application log files, and trigger execution of scripts or notifications accordingly. SEC is recommended for automated responses to system and application log events.
Version: 4.0.1
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(2014/09/30) Aspera Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point Clients, Connect browser clients and command line clients were evaluated for high-throughput data transfer. Aspera is recommended as a commercial alternative to GridFTP or HPN-SSH.
Version: 3.4.3
We are evaluating its capability to transparently make remote GPUs available to all nodes in a cluster independent of the nodes to which GPUs are physically attached.
Version: current 
This is an evaluation of OpenStack for Cloud Computing
Version: 2.0
Puppet Open Source is a flexible, customizable framework designed to help system administrators automate the many repetitive tasks they regularly perform. We will evaluate it for it's ability to perform configuration management and node deployment.
Version: 3.4

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