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ibrun command line inputs / python-managed sequential parallel jobs

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I have a python script (which works well on other systems) that launches a number of parallel jobs sequentially - any recommendations on launching slurm jobs from within python scripts? Especially regarding doing it in the right way for the stampede system?

It is an optimization process, where the optimizer is serial and the function calls are parallel, so it's not feasible to launch each parallel simulation manually.

I have tried 'ibrun -n %i %s' where the inputs are provided later in the script; however this produced an error about not providing a -o command.

Has anyone tried something similar to this, and/or can recommend the correct syntax?
This process previously worked with 'srun -n %i %s' on a different system, so I think it is just the ibrun inputs I need help with.

RE: ibrun command line inputs / python-managed sequential parallel jobs
1/11/16 11:04 PM as a reply to Heather Louise Kline.
'ibrun -o 0 -n %i %s'
solves this problem.
where %i and %s are the number of processors and the command string provided later. The -o option specifies the offset for the processors, and in this context the offset is always 0.

I will be updating our open-source code (SU2) so that this is used automatically on TACC machines in case someone else needs to use our code on XSEDE.