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How much memory per CPU?

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How much memory per CPU?
10/18/13 6:45 PM

this is the first time for me to run SLURM jobs, and I am a bit confused about how much memory my jobs get. At the moment, I am running tests in the serial queue, but by the speed the calculation runs I suspect that there is not sufficient memory allocated with my process. I tried setting --mem=XX MB, but then my job got refused by the queue ("sbatch: error: Batch job submission failed: Requested node configuration is not available"); I tried different numbers, but nothing worked.

So my question is:
-How much memory is allocated with each process on a single CPU?
-Is there a way to request a certain amount of memory?


RE: How much memory per CPU?
10/18/13 6:55 PM as a reply to Inga Ulusoy.
The --mem=XX option to SLURM is designed to help you select among nodes in the same partition (queue) that have different amounts of memory. Stampede partitions are all homogenous, so there's no need to use this option for your jobs.

In the serial partition (queue), every node (which has 16 cores) has 32GB of memory. You should be able to use about 31 GB of that with a typical job.

If you need more than that, we have 16 nodes in the largemem queue which each have 1TB of RAM. These are pretty heavily requested, but you can run there if you need more than 32GB/node.

RE: How much memory per CPU?
10/18/13 6:58 PM as a reply to William L Barth.
Thanks for your answer, it is very helpful!