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Managing serial programs on Stampede

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Managing serial programs on Stampede
serial job submission
6/25/14 4:54 PM
What's the recommended way of running serial programs on Stampede? That is, if you have a program that's intrinsically single-threaded/single-processed, what's the best way of submitting Stampede jobs using it?

I know that there is a "serial" queue for jobs requesting just a single processor, but how would you go about managing a large number of the single-process runs? (E.g. if you're running the intrinsically-serial program with a large number of different inputs, or under a range of different parameters.) Is there an approved method for managing distribution of multiple serial runs across multiple nodes of a single job, or even just the 16 processors of a single node from the main queues? Are ad-hoc bash scripts the way to go, or is there a better way to go about doing it?