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missing shared libraries

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missing shared libraries
6/5/15 9:36 PM
Hi everyone,

I am trying to get mpi up and running with my experiment platform and I'm almost there, but I get a weird message in my STDERR.

There are missing shared libraries

It looks like my experiments are running fine, but I know better than to ignore error messages. I don't think this message is coming from my experiment setup, and I was wondering if it was native to TACC or ibrun?

I thought the error message might be coming from ibrun, but I've been able to turn on verbosity with ibrun. Anyone have any ideas?

RE: missing shared libraries
6/5/15 10:18 PM as a reply to Roby Velez.
Update. When I compile my program with mpicxx the error goes away. With gcc or icpc the error shows up.