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Error while loading shared libraries.

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I'm trying to run a LAMMPS simulation with the following job script:

 3#SBATCH -J SiCyl
 4#SBATCH -o outSiCyl_8c1n.txt
 5#SBATCH -p normal
 6#SBATCH -N 1
 7#SBATCH -n 8
 8#SBATCH -t 12:00:00
11module load openkim/1.2.2
12module load voro++/0.4.5
13module load lammps
14ibrun /opt/apps/intel13/mvapich2_1_9/lammps/2014_01_10/bin/lmp_stampede < /home1/03036/[username]/8cores_1node_070215/in.SiCyl

However, when I run the job, I get the error
error while loading shared libraries: /admin/build/admin/rpms/stampede/BUILD/openkim-api-v1.2.2/KIM_API/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Could someone please tell me what caused this error and how to fix it? Has the path to the lmp_stampede executable changed?

Thank you.